Fire & Emergency Preparedness Services

Securitas provides comprehensive emergency planning and training services for commercial and residential highly-occupied facilities to mitigate the risks of emergencies. From emergency action plan development  to training and support, we provide the holistic risk management approach businesses need.

Be prepared when an emergency occurs with Emergency Planning & Training
Emergency Action Planning Virtual Emergency Training Compliance & Violation Assistance


Custom Emergency Plans & Virtual Training

During an emergency, time is of the essence. Highly-occupied buildings must have emergency plans in place when disaster strikes. A fire, active shooter or bomb threat, like other emergencies, each have unique risks. Mitigating these risks requires the development of custom Emergency Action Plans (EAP).

Emergency Planning & Training helps businesses keep occupants safe while minimizing detrimental impacts


Experienced Fire & Life Safety Team

Our team of fire & life safety professionals are backed by decades of experience serving New York City, one of the most high-risk areas in the world.


  • Emergency Action Planning
  • Virtual Training & Drills
  • Building Compliance
  • Building Information Cards (BIC)
  • Floor Plans and Riser Diagrams
  • Online services