Safe & Cost-Effective Daily Operations

SecureStat All-Clear delivers a compliant, cost-effective procedure for safe openings, closings, asset-transferring and high-risk daily business operations. Employees can trigger an “All Safe” notification to the SES Alarm Monitoring Center, signaling the employee is safe & free of threat.

Mobile Open/Close Process
  • Single-employee process
  • Monitors employees status throughout critical events
  • Connected to SES Alarm Monitoring
  • Activated only in pre-defined work locations
Multiple Scenario Applications
  • Compliant opening & closing of businesses
  • Employee transferring of goods/assets
  • High-risk/high-crime business locations
  • High-risk time periods

SES Alarm Monitoring Integration

The combination of SecureStat All-Clear and the SES Alarm Monitoring Center into a single solution enhances an employee’s safety during the most critical daily business activities.

  • Cloud-Based, BYOD App
  • Compliance* & Reporting
  • Augment Internal Controls
  • Automatic Documentation
  • Employee Safety
  • Reduced Labor Cost
  • SES Monitoring
  • SOS Duress Dispatch
Keep Your Employees & Business Safe – How It Works
  1. An employee initiates a businesses daily opening and closing process
  2. Employee launches SecureStat All-Clear app & GPS detects specific location
  3. Employee selects ‘Branch Opening’, activating SOS duress dispatch countdown
  4. Employee conducts a property check to identify any near threat
If no threat is identified
  1. Employee confirms ‘no threat’ by ending the SOS duress dispatch countdown
  2. The procedure is automatically documented
  3. The business is safely opened or closed
If threat is identified
  1. Employee hits the panic button or the SOS duress dispatch countdown expires
  2. The 24/7 SES alarm monitoring center receives duress signal
  3. SES alarm dispatchers contact local authorities
  4. The business is safely opened or closed once threat is eliminated