Fire Detection Solutions

Mitigating the risks associated with fire is one of the most important security-related considerations for any business. With fire and life safety programs, any variation in standards, technologies and even equipment placement from facility to facility increases risks. A company-wide strategy applies rigorous uniform standards across all your facilities.

Create efficiencies in fire security protection, management, monitoring and response plans.

Protect Your Employees, Assets & Facilities

Comprehensive Systems
Fire sprinkler monitoring systems, automatic fire detection systems, fire and life safety systems, multiple communication options
Compliant Installation
Best-in-class compliant systems, engineered to NFPA and AHJ standards, installed and maintained with certified service personnel
Maintenance & Inspection Services
Complete line of fire and life safety services including monitoring, service plans, UL certificates and test and inspection

Support Risk Reduction

  • Identify and mitigate your business risk
  • Review your standard of care 
  • UL, ULC & UL2050 Monitoring 
  • Best-in-class compliant systems
  • Maintenance, test and inspection
  • Fire sprinkler monitoring & life safety systems